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I'm doing all of this for fun, so...

Thanks to the members of Misanthrope and especially to S.A.S de L'Argilière for their help and making this site possible.

Thanks to Michel Autran, Vince and Manfred Ackermann for the pictures of Misanthrope live and to Bernard Daubresse for the samples in Real Audio.
And a big hello to everyone who contacted me...

This site is maintained by Yann Muller.
Mail me at yann@darkriver.net for comment, suggestion or if you'd like to help me build a better "Misanthropic site".

Technical info:
I use WML (the Website Meta Language) to generate these web pages. I also have a few Perl scripts to help me maintain the news and updates on the index page.
I test my pages with Galeon, Netscape and Lynx. If you notice some problems with another browser please do tell me about it.

Articles and reviews

I'm looking for press features about Misanthrope. If you have found one that is not on the site, please contact me.


Sound samples from the albums of Misanthrope are available. I use mostly MPEG Layer3 for its good quality and small file sizes.


Check the News page to learn about what the band is doing or preparing at the moment...
Last updated: 10 November 2001