Concert of October 4th 1997
Club Dunois, Paris

Ticket of the concert in Paris (October 4th 1997)

Misanthrope was playing live in Paris on Saturday, 4th of October. Luckily I have been able to go there and see this brilliant concert.
The first guest band, Penumbra, was an excellent surprise but let's speak about Misanthrope. The current line-up is here to stay! Each of them are excellent musicians but together they are just incredible. Alexis is great at the drums and at the keyboards Sergio is definitely adding something to the band (the last time I saw Misanthrope live in 1995, they had no keyboards for the concerts).

This is the songs Misanthrope played in this excellent concert:
  1. Visionnaire
  2. Erotique Courtoise
  3. 2666
  4. Courtisane Syphilitique
  5. Future Futile
  6. Gargantuan Decline
  7. Hypochondrium Forces
  8. Maudit sois tu soleil

    pause "Miracle"

  9. Batisseurs de Cathédrales
  10. 1666 Theatre Bizarre

  11. Le Roman Noir

Unfortunately, the "Club Dunois" is always an incredibly hot place. Because of this terrible heat the band was completely exhausted and had to stop before playing "Le silence de grottes". It was one hour 15 minutes long anyway and was one of the best concerts I've seen. If you have any chance to see Misanthrope live don't miss them!


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