Pictures of Misanthrope Live
Concerts in 2003
Photos: Phil"Chryseis"Déléage.
31/05/2003, Hirson
Live_Hirson2003_01.jpg Live_Hirson2003_02.jpg Live_Hirson2003_03.jpg Live_Hirson2003_04.jpg Live_Hirson2003_05.jpg

Photos: Anne-Gaëlle.
24/04/2003, Rouen
Live_Rouen2003_01.jpg Live_Rouen2003_02.jpg Live_Rouen2003_03.jpg Live_Rouen2003_04.jpg Live_Rouen2003_05.jpg

Immortals on Tour 2001
Photos: Yann Muller.
27/10/2001, Paris
Live_Paris2001_01.jpg Live_Paris2001_02.jpg Live_Paris2001_03.jpg Live_Paris2001_04.jpg Live_Paris2001_05.jpg

Photo: Laurent Marquis.
18/10/2001, Dijon
Live_Dijon2001_01.jpg Live_Dijon2001_02.jpg Live_Dijon2001_03.jpg Live_Dijon2001_04.jpg Live_Dijon2001_05.jpg Live_Dijon2001_06.jpg Live_Dijon2001_07.jpg Live_Dijon2001_08.jpg Live_Dijon2001_09.jpg

Photo: Damien Dedecker.
28/10/2001, Lille
Live_Lille2001_Damien1.jpg Live_Lille2001_Damien2.jpg Live_Lille2001_Damien3.jpg

All the pictures from the soundcheck on the 27th October 2001 at the Elysée Montmartre, Paris.

Photo: Holy Records.

Misanthrope in concert at the Splendid in Lille, on the 8th of May 1999
Photos: Manfred Ackermann.

Live_Lille1999_1.jpg Live_Lille1999_2.jpg

Temple of Humiliations Tour, May 1999.
Photos: Pascal Garcia.

Live_1999_1.jpg Live_1999_2.jpg Live_1999_3.jpg

Photos: Marc Villalonga and/or (?!) Nicolas Radégout

Live_1999_4.jpg Live_1999_5.jpg

Misanthrope in concert at the Bikini in Toulouse, on the 2nd of May 1999
Photos: Vince.

Live_Toulouse_1.jpg Live_Toulouse_2.jpg Live_Toulouse_3.jpg Live_Toulouse_4.jpg Live_Toulouse_5.jpg Live_Toulouse_6.jpg

Misanthrope in concert at St Paul les Trois Chateaux, on the 5th of July 1997
Photos: Michel Autran.

Live_StPaul_1.jpg Live_StPaul_2.jpg Live_StPaul_3.jpg

Last updated: 11 July 2003