Updated release dates
"Immortal Misanthorpe" will be available from the 24th of Octobre directly from Holy Records but you will have to wait until the 31st to find it in the record shops. The international version will be available in November.
Consult the discography for the details of both version (some of the song titles are still incorrect).

Real soon, my dear Philinte
The new album "immortal Misanthrope" will available on the 24th of October. The version for French-speaking countries will include 12 songs (7 in French) and one outro. The international version will contain 10 tracks.

Misanthrope is on the cover of the issue 21 of Metallian. Three pages are dedicated to the band.

Holy Records Press Release
Misanthrope, the masters of French metal are back after 13 months of relentless work and an ultra-tight schedule: tour with SEPTIC FLESH (May '99), the Hard Rock Festival (June '99), opening show for CRADLE OF FILTH at the Elysée Montmartre (Dec. '99) et the release of their already legendary triple CD boxed set "Recueil d'Écueils : Les épaves...et autres oeuvres interdites" (March '00). S.A.S de L'Argilière and his libertine friends have composed their ultimate album that should be entitled "Misanthrope Immortel". The challenge is to do better than the top seller "Humiliation Libertines". Pressure is building up to the extreme. They locked themselves in the new Fredman studios in Göteborg in Sweden since April with their fetish producer Fredrik Nordstöm (Hammerfall, In Flames, At The Gates). The album will contain 12 songs, the track listing will be: Eden Massacre, Les Empereurs du Néant, My Heart is Bleeding, Lamentations du Diable, Khopirron, Nuit Androgyne, Au Baiser de Vermeil, Tranchées 1914, Passion Millionnaire, Contes Fantasmagoriques, La Momie de Marianne, Espoir en Enfer etc... Rebellion is coming!
Release in planed for Tuesday 24 October on Holy Records/Sony.

Translation by Yann

The design of the site
I have been running a little poll for a while to know what you where thinking of the look of the site. Here are the results:
  • excellent: 16 votes
  • good: 19 votes
  • average: 8 votes
I deliberately didn't put a choice for horrible or awfull because I don't think it is that bad. Well, it seems it is not too bad after all. I will try to improve it little by little. If you have comments or suggestions please drop me a line at yann@darkriver.net .

Misanthrope is in studio in Sweden to record the next album that will most likely be entitled "Immortel". As for "Libertine Humiliations" and "Oeuvres Interdites" Jean-Baptiste Boitel is playing all the keyboards. Ten songs will be on this album (five in English and five in French) but 13 will be recorded. Titles will include "Passion Millénaire", "Les Empereurs du Néant", "Au Baiser de Vermeil", "Tranchées 1914", "Khopirron", "Nuit Androgyne", "La Momie de Mariane" and a re-recording of "Le Lanceur d'Ames".
Release in planned for October 2000.

Last chance
I received several mails asking me where to get "Recueil d'ecueils". All the copies that were allocated to Sony Music France were sold in six days. But you can still get one by mail order from Holy Records.
BP 59
Tel.: +33 1 60 22 36 22
Fax.: +33 1 60 22 36 46
Email: holyrecords@wanadoo.fr

Recueil d'écueils: Opening the box
It has arrived! My own copy of "Recueil d'écueils: les épaves... et autres oeuvres interdites". The box is really nice and opens a bit like a book. Inside I first found a poster of the band and an impressive booklet of more than 100 pages with an introduction and all the lyrics and a lot of photos. And finally a triple digipack that unfolds to reveal all three CDs side by side. It all looks gorgeous! The most beautiful presentation for CDs that I have ever seen.
As for the music "Oeuvres Interdites" is a collection of new and rare songs: pure listening enjoyment. Then "Live Bootleg" will bring fantastic memories to those who have seen Misanthrope live. Lastly there is "Libertine Humiliations" but you probably already have it.
I one word: fantastic. I love it.

The wait is over
"Recueil d'Ecueil" is available by mail order now and from the 28th February in music shops. They're going real fast so hurry up if you want one. Remember there is only 1793 copies. I haven't seen it yet but it is apparently the most luxuous box set that any Metal band has ever done.
There will be very soon a t-shirt with the cover of "Recueil d'Ecueil" on the front and a picture of the band in the back. It will be available in long sleeves and hooded.

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