Bass tabs
Misanthrope's own bass hero, Jean-Jacques Moréac, is currenly working on the tablatures for "Future Futile". More transcriptions will probably follow.

New musicians join Misanthrope
The lineup has changed a bit. Gaël Feret is the new drummer and Jonathan Alonso is now the solo guitarist. Don't miss your chance to see them live during the tour starting on the 18th of October.

Update on the tour dates
There has been a few changes made to the schedule of the tour. Unfortunately some dates are cancelled for various reason (including venues closing down, and the Bikini being damaged by the explosion of the chemical factory in Toulouse).
The concerts in Marseille, Toulouse, Lyon and Rennes are no more. Instead two new concerts will take place in Montpellier and Poitier.
Check the concert page for the dates.

Let's be mercantile for a sec
Ten thousand copies of the fantastic new album "Immortal Misanthrope" have already been sold.

The album will be available in Japan on Avalon Records on the 21st of February 2001.

Misanthope number 1 in France
It is referendum time in the French Metal magazine and Misanthrope is at the top this year:
  • Misanthope Immortel is voted best French album of 2000 by the readers of Hard 'n' Heavy.
  • Misanthrope is elected best French band by both the readers of Hard 'n' Heavy and Hard Rock.
  • Jean-Jacques Moréac is voted 4th best bassist in the world by Hard Rock readers.

Tributes and tour
S.A.S. says "We have recorded on the 13-14th of January the cover of S.U.P, the song Real Nature from their album Room Seven for the tribute in preparation."

The Tributes to S.U.P and TRUST should be available in April 2001.

The tour is postponed until September. :-(

News bites
Misanthrope will record a cover of "L'Elite" for the Tribute to TRUST as another band will make a cover of "Les Templiers" (I think it is ADX).

Great news for the Japanese fans: "Immortal Misanthrope" will be available in Japan in April in a 16 song edition.

Misanthrope to participate to Tribute albums
Misanthrope will record songs for tribute albums to two French bands. Misanthrope was very pleased that the legendary TRUST asked them to participate to their tribute (Misanthrope has chosen to make a cover of the song "Les Templiers"). They will also record "Real Nature" for a Tribute to SUP. Both albums will be released in 2001.

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Last updated: 27 June 2004