Variation of Inductive Theories

Solstice of Poetries

Wich sinner could go to paradise?
Who could fly with no wings?
Who could live with mankind without a tear?
I'm the paradise sinner!
I could fly with no wings!
But I can't live with our mankind without a tear falling!


Please elude my lonely waiting
Awaiting for a sea
A shine through my aquarium
Cristal prison of elizium
The sleepless soul of decorum
Leave my body in anachronism
I will fade away:
Radiant opium elevation

Won't be my sommertimes
Take the deam, lead me
Own my inside, be my shelter
End this moment of infinity
Out stretched arms lay down next to me,
As tell-tale winds stand pail
Morphic ocean
In my mirror halls
The mellow rhythm of slaw rainfall

Hammer my pure splitted foam
Chrome wings of goldenfish paraded
Creep on the horizon
Boil condensed liquid
Around walls of corridors
Dry up my carapace
To nudity they scale off my bright bohemian shines

Anathematized amphora

Wich sinner could go to paradise?
Who could fly with no wings?
Who could live with mankind without a tear?
I'm the paradise sinner!
I could fly with no wings!
But I can't live with our fuckin' mankind without a tear falling!
Let me spleen...

Childhood Memories

Babe come to see dady... bitch
Your tongue caress my limbs... suck me
I pinch your pubescent breast
Innocent offered vagina
Opened cunt...
...Only emotion
Masturb you
You're a new born child
Shred your dress to pieces
First blood spreads...
Penetrate, violate
First blood spreads, I dominate
Between your legs you sex calls:
Training with animals
My fingers in your tangled hairs
Physical actions with godes
Young boys...
Trained with dirty animal, ugly pigs
Zoophile, pedophile
Trained with dirty animal, ugly pigs
Zoophile, pedophile
Closed fists, you're a part of my own
Next room, your mother is waiting... Earing wet moist, moist sounds
Embedded limbs in our body union
Abolish the privilege to be my daughter
Taste this new liquid flowing on our arms
Please, babe
Young breath on my face
Acting in and out
Scream, cry and shout
Acting in and out
Scream... shout
Anal commmunion
Dismembered emotions
Heart hammering
Faster and louder
Masturbate your cunt, satisfy my lust
Tears are falling
Bed sheet are sweat, sweet, sweating blood
Lick the floor, lick it up
Bed sheet are sweet, sweet, sweat, sweet, sweating blood
Lick the floor, lick it up
Lick it up
Kamasutra, Greyhound position
In our our body union -Kiss is abstract-

La Démiurge

Viens, viens couler en moi...
Le fruit de tes bras s'estompe
Mon coeur glacé (my frozen heart) s'enflamme
Près de la jetée, où s'engouffrent les âmes
Je dessine ton visage sur la glaise tendre
Et paufine ton image à coup d'offenses
Etayé par le vent
Au près de l'orage
Je délaisse un instant, un instant l'ouvrage
Souffle sur mon ombre qui s'élance et tombe
Dans ce gouffre sans fin
Qu'est mon destin

Je souffre en silence, mes genoux s'enfoncent
Etayés par le vent, un remou cinglant du temps
Déchainé par l'orage
Qui nous sépare
Pullulant de flocons ruisselant sur mon front
Le ciel s'est embrumé, affaissé je me suis effondré, effondré

Your face on clay
Engravers point at heart
Fine coating of boiled milk

Mono ena meghalo pnpnevma
Apokryptoghrafi anamessa s'aftes tis ghrames
Ta adhiexodha tou nou mou
Opou o anthropos kite thnysigenis

Embellish my draft lips
On my knees
La démiurge she breaks me down
Your face on a clay
Fine coating of boiled milk
Your face on a clay
Engravers point on heart
The demiurge breaks me down

My Black Soul

My soul
My soul is black like a bird
Lies, raven priceless
Ahead to mediatic crosses
Engulfed spirally's crown
Engulfed lustfull desire
Abyssic cliches
None habits gather my churches
I am not the trembler
Become my serpent, slaved to blissful promises
Just a point in this deep purple cover
Absorbed blood on my back shows:
Black at heart
Bindweed at heart
I'm black at heart

Numb opacity
Guises misled
Forsake me, humanity

...Crushed by... wither away
...Torn apart
Doors opened valley
Falls into devoid glams

Numb opacity
Guises misled

Of black I'm covered
Silently I scream loveless
Of black I'm covered
Silently I scream loveless
Plans passed as steamy vast pointless
Just one second
I wanna be
I wanna be a moment-body
Release me
A moment-body
I wanna be
Release me

Where seven impaled widows shine uder my semen


C'est l'éternité divine
Qui m'enchante et me tente...
Ma lyre enfin la devine :
Je l'accorde à cette entente...

The Grey Orchard

Marchons sur les graviers
Masse sombre rectangulaire
Attirée une curiosité y a germé
Vision nette de mes yeux clairs
Avant l'écorchement de sa carapace
Une vie semblait -derrière-
L'odeur d'une essence: Croissance
J'éveille les sens de ce phénomène naturel
Ma brise sur mon visage

Unique support du présent
Chambre de mort
Innocence emmurée

Au delà: la renaissance
Goût macabre, exquis mais certain

Je reste honteux des guerres interhumaines
mère nature reprends tes droits
Miraculeux, Dieu fait face
Des martyrs ont jailli le délice, les plaisirs: Paradis

Avec violence, je décèle l'entrance
Le spectacle est flamboyant,
Nuée d'oiseaux haletants
Gris d'externe -bigaré d'interne
Vierge rivière de miel ruisselant
Oh toi! Chène d'argent
Je t'approche, cueille ton fruit
Tu t'effondres -putréfié-
Impossible d'orner un sacrement en ce lieu
Je m'en retourne seul
Souvenir violé

La grille claque

Ma marche est effrénée
Seul le souvenir...
Mais sous ses pieds une glaise de sang et d'armée
Oh! Dame de la nuit
Reprends mon sommeil
Mon sommeil...


Her: "Why are you worshipping a human genocide?"
I: "I'm watching the downfall,
My sex on, on cold marble,
Licking tears of mankind's cry !
I didn't stop, I just stole
And speaking hot
Of my corporal punishment"
Her: "Hey, see it later !"
I: "Death mas mine, thank you"
Her: "Talk to me, my pleasure
Are you smoking to forget?"
I: "Oblivion
Always the utter sorrow
-Last hope - last love-"
Her: "Something I can hate for you?
You're more alive"
I: "I forgot to appreciate life
It's too late for me"
Her: "No, no, no, no
This is life
Right here
Noooo! This is life
Right here
Right now
Take it
Globe my breast
Let you be Atlas
My ever ending spere
Oh, please!!!!!"
I: "Thank for being the one bit of light
In an ever darken dream
Ever darken dream"
Her: "I wanna know"
I: "I don't believe you !"
Her: "I wanna know ?"
I: "Shark nacle of blood
For how long I praise
The beauty of the aquatic city?
I am dead for 23 years now
Hell is right !"
Her: "Who was the murderer ?"
I: "I was... sure..."

Monolith In Ruins

I am a monolith
Sect of our heart
My belief in religion
Rise high in the sky
Own preacher
Hatetress desires
Ruin my throne of celtic empire
Of celtic empire
Stones black and grey
Sculpt dark universe
Empire of ethnocide
Empire of ethnocide
Heart as a monolith in ruins
Fly high & ride the northern winds
Turn ashes to immortality
Dark paradise in blue cyan sea
Be hater of mankind,
Yiel the lament
Be hater of mankind
Toward the monolith
Toward the monolith
Emotional climate
Cleverness of purple blaze
Conquest your fidelity
Monolith throne of stone
Fly under my drug, out of my body
Out of my body
Teleportate through the flames of the sea
Inspirated by the spreaded blood of world war III
Reverse the process of sweet mother nature
From me: "Monolith" comes my path
Comes my path

And Also The Lotus

The lots bathed in sea
Cover the world, bath in the sea
Only an earth plot emmerge
Banished planet with no life ends
Sea create seeds
Pistil sprink -salt water-
Germinate in the air
As clouds pierced by babylon tower
Let the branches begin their cycle
Au bout de sa tige un bourgeon fleurit
Please praise the arrival in this virgin flore
Between the rock & sea

Rise the lotus high in the sky
Offer him a place to be
Snuffle the smell of the oxygen
The lotus flower's growing

See reaction of its self destruction
My self destruction
Oh... no more life
Pushing a third of its power
Erased to the oath
Abyss point the seeds, creation
Abyss point the seeds, creations begin
It have to be worshipped for been the Abraham
Power splits the Earth
The lotus gives life & death
Of patel and it's the mighty one.

Two parcels: Freedom & harmony
Of patel it is the mighty one
Freedom is my thoughts of human being
The sea is the harmony

Lotus I will build your church
And my emotion is falling, tears by tears
Through this marvelous perfume of creation
I zone through your emphasis, oh orchid

Lyrics by Misanthrope

Last updated: 6 February 2000