Hater of Mankind

Mind Building

(Directly inspired by a neo-New-Age thought. Finally, it's time to progress and to reach our spirit. These few statements are just an approach, a call to reason. Let's leave this body).

You are changing
Abstract your body
Try to make communion with your brain
It's time to begin practicing
Practice mind building

Paradoxical Burial

(The misanthropic vision of this social fact, which is a burial. Rites practiced by each civilisation. Here, isn't a place for criticism but a sincere remark.)

Your corpse will be purified
Infested of starving worms
Your flesh returns to the earth
Forever lie in your own secretions

Watch out from your cofin
Mankind spit your on your tomb
Rehearsing their sempiternal words
Ashes to ashes - Dust to dust

Where is the toll for your earth sins

Your prayers are shadows
Face the underworld

Inaugurated funeral
Socialy incompatible
With those ethnic rites
Paradoxical burial

Asleep in this new bedroom
For your neverending night
During your unknown visions
Contqct me from the other side

World of perfect harmony
Concrescence of human wish


God protection for ones
Atheism for others
Father let them rot
We are all the same


Unsubdued Redemption

(This is the mature thought made after the separation of the Misanthrope and mankind. Restatement over a past and a future. Why did we lose the power of hopeness living in harmony with the others? Were can we turn around henceforth? Difficult choice: the end or the infinite? These are the only alternative tothe madness.)

Without a sentense I'm living you
My life and acts can't be possessed
Poor newborn child, do not believe in a past
My survival is over

Away from them, peace covers me
I'm going somewhere - "no one can follow me"
Only silence hearsme, so I can say:
" I loved you"

Unsubdued redemption
Realm of retaliation
Unsubdued redemption
Shades of degeneration

Nowadays I control my way of life
Ancient alive dust which path following
Why shall I live on the earth
Unspoken call

Afraid in this empty human desert
My choice is done, I'm flying to thy
Upon my highness, I'm laughing impertinently
A smile on my lips


- Welcome to the paradise -

- Burst this church of lies -

Blaspheme the Earth

(Hopeness to be able to reborn in a world where misanthropy would not rage. Before this is it is inside us and it pushes to be psycological revolt. We can't practice violence, but on the other hand we have inside us hatetress.)

We shall put an end to your fear
Saving you from those tighted mind
No need for help from Satan
Be baptized for the final cataclism
Annihilate the entire human race
Permission & tanks are giving
Accomplished mission is salvation
Hell is freezing

Reborn through misanthropy
Helped with a second birth
Human jungle drive you crazy
- Blaspheme the earth -

Be made only in that way
Make them kill their own predeterminate lifes
No violence - Let's them incubate their fate -
No pity, no understanding, live for hate


No violence - Let's them incubate their fate -
No pity, no understanding, live for hate
Je te hais.

Hater of Mankind

(Being in a world which doesn't accept us as human beings we are obliged to riposte, making a plunge into misanthropy. Now and till the great change we will be: hater of mankind.)

Rupture with a dominate world
Decision to forget their eminent spoken words
Starvation on the human race
Beyond soul sins phosphorated

Lived by hate end was near
We shan't accept this living in tear
Death isn't the only way
Consecrated God in heaven: "Let them disobey"

Hater of mankind
Faith in the human genocide
Misanthropic outrance
Alteration of human race

Gulped dow all those atrocities
Vivisection, gaz chambers, decadence and diseases
Repression of incultured minds
I'm searching an escape from the human kind


Follow my path, walk behind me
Conjonctural difformity
Obstructed conflict with colored skin
racism exposure induce on my medecine


Lyrics by Misanthrope

Last updated: 15 October 1999