Introduction to
This album is a vision of the future world. Preamble to an end of century that quickens, countdown in decresendo for the next millenium... Gloomy and violent images of a shared wrath. Five men hoisted up on the roof of the world, five men risen up against all.

Alone, hated, but still alive! With its "last stone" Misanthrope has parted the bars of its "ivory tower", this cage of crystal where we willingly barricaded ourselves. Giving to today a taste of deliverance, a second era, a new wind to the writting of our scores. These deep musical scars that the teasing evil enjoys ploughing.

Looking for the helplessness of tomorrow, the sterility as well as the gift of life; our futile imposture of creative obscession is nothing. Only the void in the throbing wait to finally find you again, untamed and still feline.

You are different, you, the confident, you, our intimate; listening to this dark album. Visionary of deceit, not futurist but soothsayer. For you we outline in black our futile initiation ascension towards impermanence and illumination.

Error remains the certainty of hope.

Note: This text is a translation of the original French introduction found in the booklet of "Visionnaire".
Last updated: 15 October 1999