Libertine Humiliations

Libertine Humiliations
(November 1998)

Recorded and Mixed at Fredman Studio, Goteborg, Sweden in August 1998.
Engineered and Mixed by Fredrik Nordström
Musical direction by Jean-Jacques Moréac, assisted by Jean-Baptiste Boitel.
Mastered at Top Master, Paris, 29 Semptember 1998 by André Perriat & Pierre Dechamps.
Executive Producer HOLY RECORDS.
Music & Arrangements by Misanthrope. Lyrics by S.A.S de L'Argilière.
Synths & Keyboards written, arranged and performed by Jean-Jacques Moréac and Jean-Baptiste Boitel.
Layout & Graphic Arts by Séverine for Holy Records production 1666+333.

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Explanation of the Lyrics

Track list:

  • Misanthrope necromancer 5:02
  • Matador de l'extrême 4:43
  • At 666 days... 4:00
  • L'écume des Chouans 5:37
  • Total eclipse chaos 4:27
  • Sous l'éclat blanc du nouveau millénaire 5:13
  • Crisis of soul 4:27
  • Combattant sans sépulture 5:04
  • Antiquary to mediocrity 4:26
  • Humiliations libertines 5:20
Total running time 48:10

Jean-Jacques Moréac Bass .
Jean-Baptiste Boitel Electric, clean Guitars .
S.A.S. De L'Argilière Vocals & Guitars .
Alexis Phélipot Drums .

Japanese Version:
The Japanese edition is a little different. There is two bonus tracks:
  • La Druidesse Du Gévaudan 4:24
  • L'Erotique Courtoise 4:45
Total album running time 57:23

The booklet contains the original lyrics and the photos of the digipak version and there is an additional booklet with Japanese translations.

Promotional Samplers:
"Misanthrope Necromancer" appears on the following magazine's samplers:

  • Metallian N°14 (Metal Explosion N°11)
  • Hard Rock N°41 (CD N°23)
  • Hard N' Heavy N°45 (CD Volume 10)
The "Holy Bible volume II" features "At 666 Days...".

Hard Rock Extreme N°7 has a very special version of "At 666 Days..." with Spiros of Septic Flesh. It definitely sounds different. Interesting! And Misanthrope is on the CD sleeve.

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