Misanthrope MISANTHROPE, the French EMOTIONAL CLIMATE band, was formed in 1988 by Philippe Courtois De L'Argiliere. They released 2 demos in Dec'89 and June'90 before the release of their Cult 5 Songs Split CD "Hater Of Mankind" in August'91. Their next studio sessions was their four songs pre-production for In Line Music (Germany) recorded in June '92 and finally available on the third part of the "Miracles : Totem Taboo" CD.

Originally formed as a trio MISANTHROPE became a quartet in March '92 after numerous changes. It is with the same line-up that they recorded their first 2 magnificient full length CDs released on HOLY RECORDS. Their real debut album "Variation on Inductive Theories" was released in May'93 and their june'94 's "Miracles : Totem Taboo" gain MISANTHROPE the reputation of originality and Avant-Gardism which is now theirs. Misanthrope played numerous gigs all around Europe headlining or supporting many Cult Underground Acts (Nightfall, Elend, Sadness, Astral Rising, Alastis, Proton Burst, Celestial Season, Supuration, etc...).

Their next step to perfection was the recording of one track for the "Brutale Generation" compilation double CD untitled "Le Roman Noir". This work saw the arrival within the band of Alexandre Iskandar from Elend on Keyboards and Synths. It showed a remarkable progression into a more symphonic style. The stage was ready for the last act : the recording in august 1995 of the second real album of MISANTHROPE, "1666...Theatre Bizarre". The date refers to the year of the creation of Moliere's play which gave all its spirit to the band : Le Misanthrope. It took more than two years to complete and arrange the 74 minutes of new compositions. This whole project is an entire piece of perfect creations which continues where "Le Roman Noir" left. The three knocks are sounded and the world of ordinary life is suddenly arrested, tranced and racked into a dread armistice : unbridled desires and sexual frenzy are unleashed ("Courtisane Syphilitique" & "Mylene") an orgy of violence and decadence begins ("Gargantuan Decline", "Medieval Embroidery" and "Schattengesang"), a world appeared, a world where human attraction for the bizarre is fulfilled ("Theatre Bizarre" & "Pirouetting through the gloom"), a world where pain ("L'Autre Hiver") and cries in face of love's vain labours ("Aphrodite Marine") are a common lot. But when the work of darkness is perfect, when the crescendo of passions has reached its acme, then the world of darkness passes away like a pageantry in the clouds and the divine is revealed ("La Derniere Pierre").

The last stone has built a cathedral of enchanting melodies, an entwining of heavenly sweetness and hellish fury.

Last updated: 16 January 2001