MISANTHROPE the french entity was formed by S.A.S de l'Argilière in autumn 1988. After several changes, Jean-Jacques Moréac (Bass) arrives (S.A.S de l'Argilière alter ego and artistic producer).

The second album of MISANTHROPE, "1666...Theatre Bizarre" has been released in '95. The date refers to the year of the creation of Molière's play which gave all its spirit to the band : Le Misanthrope. In September '95 Jean-Baptiste Boitel joined the Hypochondrium Forces. It is with the help of their label manager Séverine F. and Fredrik Nordström that the metamorphose took place. The MISANTHROPE recorded "Visionnaire" their third album in February '97 in Fredman studio, Goteborg, Sweden. The Dream machine was on, Fredman produced their sound without touching to the music of our French architects. They definitely reached the international level in matter of extreme Art that they were looking for. As a moribund vagabond, MISANTHROPE explores all the corner of Metal in just one album. MISANTHROPE runs and fluidify the band veins to show their real identity and French culture attraction as 4 dreadful Libertines unleashed in the courtesan world of the 17th century.

With an incredible talent and energy "Libertine Humiliations" has been recorded in Fredman and with the same line-up. A combination of harsh guitars, power & melodies with dreadful messianic vocals, astonishing keyboards work and strings arrangements by Jean-Baptiste Boitel. An unique style of original Misanthrope music. A strong song writing, meticulousness in the recording process and the elevation of a visionary's stare. April '99 "Libertine Humiliations" is domesticaly released in Japan with 2 bonus tracks.

May '99 the first tour is on with label's mates Septic Flesh & Natron, two weeks in Belgium, Holland and sold out in France! An excellent second guitarist is also recruited for this event Frantz-Xavier Boscher to let S.A.S de l'Argilière concentrate only on his vocal parts!

To thank their fans & supporters for the first Misanthrope decade a 3CD collector boxset "Recueil d'Écueils", limited and numbered at 1793 copies is released in March 2000. MISANTHROPE became the biggest metal band from France since the '80s legend TRUST. The 3 CDs box contains a 13 unreleased songs CD "Oeuvres Interdites", those forbidden tracks have been recorded from 1994-2000! Six of them are taken from a 1999 special recording! An unreleased "Bootleg" live album of MISANTHROPE, recorded during their latest tour! And a picture CD version of MISANTHROPE 98's "Humiliation Libertines". A triple CD digipack in a deluxe box with a poster and a book of 104 pages strictly limited to 1793 copies! Of course it's sold out within a week and the all stars french band is back to work...

Several festivals are done along bands like Angra, Dimmu Borgir, Gamma Ray & Cradle of Filth! Loved by their French fans they are elected officially n°1 French band by Hard'N'Heavy readers for '99 and by Hard Rock Mag for the year 2000! The presure is at the maximum and in 5 months they composed and arranged the upcoming album "Immortal Misanthrope"! French Elite best artist are back from the Fredman Studio in Sweden Gothenborg with their best album so far, Sympho Orchestral Music mixed with classy Heavy Death Metal riffing. 10 new songs with 70% of English singing. You can expect the best!

You will discover the usual MISANTHROPE style in his very best way, technic and orchestral with capacities of bands like Children of Bodom, Nightwish, Dimmu Borgir, Samael & Stratovarius.

"Immortal Misanthrope" in a special French singing version have been released by Sony Music France, 10.000 copies have already been sold ! To be on tour all around Europe September-October 2001.

Last updated: 10 August 2004