Grind Zone 1994. (Italy)

[Note: What follows is not the interview as published by Grind Zone, but the original answers by S.A.S de L'Argilière. Grind Zone certainly has edited and corrected them before publishing... :-) ]


- Are you sure that Misanthrope did a complete metamorphoses during those 2 last years, you know that's not so clear in my teary eyes. On the split CD which sounded honestly good at the time (back in the really early 1991, but song written in 1990) except the awfull guitars sound there is the avant - Garde touch that Misanthrope always built-up except on our shitty "INDUCTIVE THEORIES" 1989 Demo. People have to know the deep meaning of the band. We are not here to do the perfect most AVANT-GARDE stuff but to offer to the MISANTHROPIST Sect new basis to elevate their not so pround soul to a realm where we will arise in our rebirth. In 1990/91 our Sect movement and way of life wasn't that nearest to what it as to be...... I wanna live in an everyday Paradise. As the time past our condition (for you readers which are certainly a classical human being) become agravated, but so close to a TRUE hater of mankind guardian. Maybe our music is less "metal" but who cares, only the message is [something missing here?] play good music eveything is more easy. I personnaly think that our style is nothing more than a small step in the universal eternal symphonies. We are not the best, but we're not doing our best.


- "VARIATION ON INDUCTIVE THEORIES" is not a concept album, but lyricaly the following of all our past songs. Could you imagine someone writting more than 30 songs on the same thing which is the so long waiting of the human genocide and our way of life in front of the others, the poor human with a predeterminated mind? I did it, I'm not here to put my personal name in front, but with all the kindness possible all the lyrics and atmosphere on this album it's you through my eyes and me through yours. Yes those are yours, readers, more than mine. Read the lyrics, you will see what I think of our future mass extermination. The Misanthrope hordes won't let the dogs scream ! If the album will be a concept one with a boring chronological story the title "AND ALSO THE LOTUS" will be at the beggining and not at end, but maybe the Lotus flower is our universal rebirth, Only God knows. And he died on the cross or that !


- As you maybe know you cannot say, yes I'm pure misanthrope, as someone says I'm pure satanic slave. This is lie, and I'm not here to tell bullshit. Let this for all the others. The only words I wanna hear is : be yourself and do not follow the crowds, stay away from the mob which rules as everybody knows but a day and that every one even if he is narrow minded, maybe in one year, one life, he will understand the avant-Garde of our words and its deepest meaning, You have to change and maturity & wiseness will come a day, maybe in paradise. My only sin is to say the exact truth. Please all of you which are under our commandments try to read the MISANTHROPE play written in the seventeen century, this is my honest father. [something missing again] is my final future, I know that I can't die without it, alone in the deepest solitude without any familly.NO MORE TREES & RIVERS... Pure NIHILISM...


- Holy records didn't do any kind of censorship, especially on that song, and we are pround of Severine at Holy records for that. Yes for some other bands it could give really dramatic consequenses (on the sales) for that but not for us, we don't care of money. When you speak about real sexual description everybody turn crazy because it's still a taboo ! But as strange as it seems it's the fave lyrics song of 80% of the listener, it's not mine because in our misanthropic theories sex is pleasure so we are not 100% into it. I don't want to feel any pleasure with a human been. I wrote a warning is for people who do not know me pesonnaly, so they need a little introduction on our theories. If you are taking the songs lyrics too straigh, your suicide is for tomorrow, and why not ?


- You have to know that even if I'm playing Guitars for more than 9 years now I'm not that great (I'm more into the vocals elucubration now), I personnaly think that CHARLES HENRI MOREAC is at lest some step higher than me, but he is not writing music for the band. The same feeling is the way I try to turn the riffing in our song, to be honest I worked to give the new song something not 100% different than in the past. But to let, here and there some trace of the past. I like unity and osmose in a same track. When someone knows our music and listens really carefully to our new stuff he will know that we are back.


- We never played live old stuff on stage since september 1992, because the actual line-up do not work on this stuff and we haven't enough time to work on the new material which is at least 40% more difficult as a musician than "Totem Taboo" and to the old material too. We are so Misanthropic people than we can rehearse only 3 hours per weeks, which is nothing in front of some bands, but we really don't need more! We prefer working a lot in our solitude! I know that's really too bad so we decided together to offer on our new "MIRACLES : Totem Taboo" CD & lives a more than 9 minutes long version of the song "HATER OF MANKIND" with some parts of "PARADOXICAL BURIAL" and brand new parts to give the whole track a perfect equilibrium. It's also now singed in french : "L'EROTIQUE COURTOISE" and it's dedicated to all our TRUE sect followers since the begining of the Hate reign (Autumn 1988).


- Here is my final words and acts with the guardians of hate, we already finished the recording of our new CD, titled "MIRACLE : Totem Taboo". It is planed to be released for the 25st of may 1994 and distributed by NOSFERATU. Sorry, the title isn't "RECALL OF MISANTHROPIC" [something missing?] that a lot of people ask us this question I tried to keep the answer as secret as possible, but today it's a good opportunity to officialy announce it and it's for Grind Zone of course. The cover will be an unrealesed great piece of Art, Séverine (HOLY RECORDS) is doing our complete lay-out with me since our "VARIATION....." debut, we think it'll be more royal with an asian emotion, wait an see. This time we have been far from the limits of metal, we have not changed that much but this stable line-up offered MISANTHROPE for the first time a real band work on the music. We never have been so mature. It feature 10 ADD songs which have been concepted in three different times : "STANDING AT THE GALAXY", "L'EROTIQUE COURTOISE", "MIRACLE", "AESTHETIC FLUTTERING" & "MAUDIT SOIS-TU SOLEIL !" recorded between Oct '93 - Feb '94 once again in the MELODIE Studio, Dreux (Fr) on 16 tracks only, there is a big sound difference with all the other recording, it is so near the cristal clear !! + A gloomy remix '94 of "LA DEMIURGE" & the four June '92 unrealesed songs in bonus CD. Warning, this is not our second album but a Misanthropic research between my past, future & pesent time, there is something more with this, so discover a newest horizon of the pure human hate. Let's your AVANT-GARDE soul elevate...in 54 mins..... Your eternal preacher of hate, you are our elite of the human race and for any reason fell free to write us.

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